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Bimini Basin Mooring Field Project

Scope of work:
This project includes all of the design and permitting required to construct a 15-buoy mooring field in the Bimini Basin at Four Freedoms Park.  Additional infrastructure includes the removal and replacement of the existing park seawall, a dinghy dock, a modular building (e.g., public and private restrooms, a shower, a laundry room, and a storage room), a pump out station, a Captain’s walk, and connecting sidewalks. 

Once the design and permitting are finalized, the City hopes to enter into a public-private partnership (P3) with a local developer, who will construct and manage this project in the best interests of transient boaters, the public, and the City.

proposed mooring field
Proposed layout of the mooring field

The City’s permitting and design consultant started work on this project in March 2024.  It will take upwards of 18 months to obtain all the necessary permits and complete the design of all the project components.