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Median Beautification Program

The City of Cape Coral provides the opportunity to participate in the beautification of roadway medians through the Median Beautification Program. This program allows residents, businesses, and organizations to fund the “adoption” of a median and install landscaping in accordance with the approved design elements outlined here, with the City providing perpetual maintenance of the landscaping.

The City also provides signage to show appreciation to participants in the program, allowing the public to recognize the generous donation. (Sign example below) The City of Cape Coral may even contribute toward projects of high value if considered and approved by City Council. 

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To participate in the Median Beautification program, please thoroughly review this informational packet (found here) to fully understand the City ordinances and median landscaping design elements. The landscape design shall be in accordance with the approved design templates, plant palette, roadway theme, and intensity level.

Please schedule a meeting with the Public Works Department before completing the application. Public Works staff will work with the applicant to ensure the appropriate design elements are incorporated and provide direction to the applicant for their proposed landscape plan. Once the plan is completed in accordance with the design elements, the applicant must complete and submit the application

Any questions should be directed to Omar Leon at 239-242-3216 or

Completed Projects

Ceitus Pkwy.
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