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City Meetings Covering Community Development Block Grant

May 24, 2023

Cape Coral’s City Council will hold two meetings today, and the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Projects and Programs Plan is on the agenda for both. During the Committee of the Whole Meeting at 9 a.m., Council will finalize the plan and order of projects proposed, and at noon Council will hold a Special Meeting to vote on the item, authorizing the City Manager to prepare and submit Cape Coral’s CDBG-DR projects and programs plan to Lee County. 

During the Committee of the Whole Meeting, Council will discuss and rank the proposed projects and programs identified by City staff that will provide significant importance in the recovery efforts for Cape Coral and its residents. 

The City has identified projects and programs totaling $4.1 billion; however, funding will only be available for a small portion. Ultimately, Lee County Government will administer the funding.

For a list of the proposed projects and programs, click here.