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Cape Coral Announces Lighthouse Award Winners

April 26, 2023

The City of Cape Coral and the Cape Coral Municipal Charter School Foundation are proud to announce this year’s winners of the Lighthouse Awards. 

The surprise announcements were made at the Lighthouse Awards Dinner on Friday, April 21 at the La Venezia Ballroom. 

Similar to the Golden Apple Award, the vetting process began in November with a nomination process from peers, parents and students. The top three finalists were chosen at each of the four Municipal Charter Schools and a final winner from each school was selected and announced at the dinner.

Oasis Elementary North Winner: Ashley Toney
Finalists: Stephanie Lockhart and Cristina Ryan

Oasis Elementary South Winner: Gena Feury 
Finalists: Viviana Aguilera and Michele Conticelli

Oasis Middle Winner: Adriana Follese  
Finalists: April Gibson and Anna Martin

Oasis High Winner: Alyssa Troy 
Finalists: Kristin Aley and Jennifer Missaou

The Lighthouse Award Recognition Program is administered by the Cape Coral Municipal Charter School Foundation and overseen by the Lighthouse Award Committee, comprised of members of the Municipal Charter School Foundation, Parents and Community-at-Large Members. This program is designed to honor the most deserving teachers within our Charter School System.  

Finalist and Gunter 2

Winners and Gunter