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Resident Construction and Demolition Drop-off Site Open, Debris Pickup Update

October 27, 2022

Cape Coral residents now have two public drop-off sites for hurricane debris. Construction and demolition debris can be taken to 1821 SW 42nd Street. Horticulture debris can be taken to 2930 NW 13th Street. Both sites are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven (7) days a week. 

Hurricane debris should not be placed in plastic bags. If items are brought to a drop-off site in a bag, the bag must be emptied at the site and taken with the resident when they leave.  

Since debris collection began on October 5, the City of Cape Coral's debris contractor has removed 14,426 truckloads of hurricane debris from Cape Coral streets, totaling 710,704 cubic yards. The debris collected could cover 111 football fields at three feet high. 

Residents can find their debris zone and see whether the first pass has been completed by viewing the City's Interactive Debris Map. Click on your zone to view detailed pickup information.

  • Do not illegally dump debris. Haulers work seven days a week to remove debris from the right-of-way.
  • After the first debris collection pass has been completed, additional debris must be moved into the right-of-way. For assistance relocating debris, contact volunteer organizations like Crisis Cleanup at 1-800-451-1954.
  • Floridians can apply for debris removal assistance with the Florida Department of Emergency Management. Visit or call (850) 961-2002 for more information. 


  • Hurricane Debris must be sorted into separate piles (see above graphic)
  • These piles can be touching but cannot overlap or be mixed.
  • Storm-related debris does not have to be bundled or cut into smaller pieces.
  • Household chemicals cannot be placed at the curb.
  • Avoid placing debris on top of utility boxes. Contractors cannot see them, which may result in accidental damage.