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Cape Coral Celebrates Fourth Annual Ground Owl Day

January 25, 2022

Cape Coral residents are invited to join the City in support of Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife’s (CCFW) fourth annual Ground Owl Day.  The event pays homage to the burrowing owl and, just like the groundhog in Punxsutawney, PA each year, we will look to the owl for guidance on what kind of weather to expect over the next six weeks.

“It’s our way of localizing the classic Groundhog Day event and making it our own,” said CCFW Vice President Pascha Donaldson.  “The event is also an opportunity to spread awareness and provide education on burrowing owls.”

This year’s event will feature Mayor John Gunter reading the Ground Owl Day Proclamation.  City Council Members Gloria Tate, Jennifer Nelson, Keith Long and Dan Sheppard also plan to be in attendance. The event will conclude with a determination of whether Southwest Florida’s “winter weather” will continue for another six weeks or end sooner. 

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