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City of Cape Coral Advises Residents of Potential Delays in Yard Waste Collections

January 7, 2022

Waste Pro is reporting staffing shortages due to COVID-19, and in response the City of Cape Coral is advising residents they may experience delays in yard waste pickup beginning Monday, January 10.

Cape Coral residents should continue to put out their garbage, recycling, bulk waste and yard waste on their normally scheduled days. 

To help mitigate Waste Pro’s current staffing challenges, the City has asked the company to prioritize utilizing the majority of Waste Pro’s available staff on the collection of garbage, recycling and large bulky waste items, and then yard waste.

Residents should know:

  • If you experience delayed service regarding yard waste, recycling, trash or bulky waste you are encouraged to report missed pick-ups to the City Call Center at 311.

The City and Waste Pro are asking residents to be please mindful of the amount of yard waste they place at the curb and reduce it, if possible.

Regular collections will resume as soon as collection crews are able to return to work.

*These changes do not impact the switch to Same-Day Pick-Up or the Bulk Waste Drop-Off Site.  Same-Day Pick-Up will commence Monday, January 10 and the Bulk Waste Drop-Off Site is scheduled to open Tuesday, January 11.