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Fertilizer Ordinance Changes

October 7, 2021

The original Ordinance was adopted in 2010 and the City’s Waterway Advisory Board supported these changes.  The changes were made following several stakeholder meetings, workshops, and public hearings.

At last night’s Regular Meeting of the City Council the following changes to the fertilizer ordinance were approved:

  • Fertilizer-restricted zone, located along waterways, increased from 10 feet to 15 feet.
  • Prohibited application period remains June 1 through September 30, however, the Ordinance gives the City Manager the authority to extend this period to include the month of May when necessary (e.g. presence of blue-green algae, hurricanes).
  • Phosphorus fertilizer is not permitted to be used at any time unless a soil test, performed in the past 2 years, identifies a phosphorus deficiency. 
  • The City will check state-regulated certifications prior to issuing a business license.  Florida requires commercial fertilizer applicators to hold a 4-year license.
  • The City will host a voluntary educational program for residents and fertilizer retailers.
  • With consent, Code Officers can sample fertilizer tanks and spreaders, at the City’s expense, for analysis in the City’s certified lab.