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Section of Parking Lot at Big John Plaza to be Closed for Construction

Construction on the western section of the parking lot at Big John plaza is set to begin on Monday, August 30.  The parking lot is located on SE 47th Terrace in the South Cape.

Improvements are being made to the westernmost section of the parking lot and include the following:

  • Seal coating the existing asphalt
  • Restriping parking spaces
  • Replacing the sidewalk
  • Adding new curb borders
  • Removing four oak trees in the middle of the lot because the tree roots damage the asphalt
  • Replacing the trees with Christmas Palms
  • Installation of irrigation around the new palms

These modifications will match the improvements that were made to the center section of the parking lot during the 47th Terrace Streetscape project.

The expected project completion date is September 24 and is contingent upon weather conditions and any unforeseen issues.
Big Johns West Diagram2

Parking is available in the remaining section of the Big John’s Parking lot and other City-owned lots in the area.
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