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City Adds Munetrix Benchmarking to Website

The City has added the interactive Munetrix web-based municipal metrics and benchmarking system to the “Open Government” section of the City’s website. With this feature, the public can track year-over-year trends for key financial metrics and other community indicators including crime trends in an easy-to-understand format.

The system also provides a unique feature that allows residents to compare the cost of government per capita in Cape Coral with other municipalities.  The first option, “How My City Compares,” uses cities in the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council area.  A second option is the “Peer Groups,” which compares Cape Coral with similar-sized cities in Florida. 

The Munetrix system uses the audited financial data submitted by each municipality to the State of Florida on an annual basis.  The system also provides the City with options to create future customized benchmarking metrics. 

“We occasionally hear remarks about Cape Coral being one of the more expensive cities in Florida,” said Public Information Director Connie Barron.  “On the contrary, when you look at these financial comparisons, Cape Coral actually is one of the most-affordable cities in the state of Florida.”

To access Munetrix, click on the “Open Government” link under the “Government” dropdown menu.  Click on the Munetrix icon to view Cape Coral’s benchmarking information.