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Charter School Benefits

Charter School employees are contract employees whose terms and conditions of employment are governed by their individual contracts. Most full time employees (including teachers) are offered the following benefits.

Health Insurance (Florida Blue)
Charter School paid employee coverage for all full time employees. Optional HMO or PPO plans available. Dependents can be added at group rates. Premium deductions are taken pre-tax.

Employee Health and Wellness Center (MyHealth Onsite)
City paid. Comprehensive center providing over 30 services including routine checkups, sick visits, lab work, generic prescriptions, advanced imaging, and wellness education - ALL SERVICES FREE.

Basic Life Insurance (USAble Life)
Charter School paid. Benefit is equal to twice annual base pay. Double benefit for accidental death.

Long Term Disability (USAble Life)
Charter School paid long term disability insurance.

Employee Assistance Program
(New Directions)
Charter School paid availability to licensed professional counselors for non work related personal issues with 100% confidentiality.

Wellness Program

Charter School sponsored program aimed at providing employees tools, resources, support, and education to improve overall well-being.

Dental Insurance
(Florida Combined Life)
Employee paid insurance available at group rates, family plans available to employees.
Premium deductions are taken pre-tax.

Vision Insurance
Employee paid insurance available at group rates, family plans available to employees. Premium deductions are taken pre-tax.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employees can elect to use pre-tax dollars to cover un-reimbursed medical or dependent day care expenses.

Supplemental Insurance

Employees may purchase various types of supplemental insurance (life, AFLAC) at group rates through payroll deduction.

Retirement Plan (FRS)
Two plans available for members: Pension Plan (defined benefit) or the Investment Plan (defined contribution.) Charter School makes all contributions to the plan that you chose. Regular class: current eligibility to retire after 8 years of service and age 62 or 30 years of service regardless of age, whichever comes first.

Leave Time (Sick, Vacation)
Currently the employee accrues one day for each month worked. Block of hours which incorporate sick and vacation.

Paid Holidays
Currently the Charter Schools follow the Lee County School District calendar.

Deferred Compensation Programs
Tax-deferred savings plan available for retirement purposes. Employee contributes only.

Payroll Direct Deposit
Available to any banking institution or credit union. Suncoast Federal Schools Credit Union membership available to Charter School employees.

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