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Development in the South Cape

Every great community has a heart that makes a place genuine and defines the character of the community. For Cape Coral, that place is the South Cape. It is the historic beginning of Cape Coral, where small planes took off to show prospective buyers vacant land in the early sixties, and where the first shops, restaurants, and even the first City Hall was built. Today, more than 60 restaurants, all-star chefs and cuisine, and 250,000+ annual visitors define the South Cape Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

Breaking Barriers to Business (B2B) Program  

The B2B program is designed to remove barriers to business development and promote growth in the South Cape CRA.  Businesses and developers that have submitted applications for permits to build, expand, or renovate facilities located in the CRA can receive grant assistance to pay for costs incurred to meet the City’s Land Development Code requirements.

--> Click here for more information on program goals, eligibility criteria, how to apply, deadlines, and evaluation criteria.

Below are some of the newest investments in the South Cape CRA.

Bimini East.
 This 17-20 acre site represents the largest available property within the CRA; approximately 90 percent of the land is owned by one owner. The property owner wants to sell the land to a private developer(s) to redevelop it into a town center. The City has increased the density in this area to support high-density development (up to 125 units per acre or 160 feet in height)

South Cape Basin East

Bimini West. This 5-plus acre undeveloped property is now under contract and broke ground in Spring 2022 with a mixed-use development including waterfront restaurant.
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Cabinet Genies. This family-owned business located on SE 47th Terrace includes a headquarters facility and showroom.
cabinet genies

Rubicon Plaza Mixed-Use Development. A local development team has assembled an entire block at the western end of the CRA along S.E. 47th Terrace. The development team is looking to develop a mixed-use project to include residential, office, retail, restaurants and a parking structure.

Insite Managed Solutions Headquarters. This management services company is in the process of renovating a building in the South Cape. Will bring 57 employees with plans to double its workforce in the next 2-3 years. With financial incentives provided by the CRA and City, the company purchased and renovated a building in the CRA with plans to double its workforce over the next three years
Insite Sunny Image

Project Hoosier aka “Cape on the 47thprojected to break ground on mixed-use development Spring 2022 on former Village Square property.Project Hoosier Rendering