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Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses)

A business tax receipt is required for every person exercising the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession or occupation.

Business tax receipts shall be issued by the Licensing/Business Tax Division of the Department of Community Development.  All Business Tax Receipts shall be sold beginning July 1st of each year, and are due and payable on or before September 30th of each year, and shall expire on September 30th of the succeeding year. When a business, profession or occupation requiring a Business Tax Receipt is started after the first quarter of a fiscal year, the Business Tax Receipt will be computed on a quarterly basis. 

Contact Licensing/Business Tax Division at (239) 574-0430 for required receipts and fees.  

Hours of operation:  
Monday through Friday 
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Email questions to Licensing/Business Tax Division.


Licensing / Business Tax Receipts General Information  

* For information on choosing a contractor

Business Tax Receipts Home/Commercial Business

Please complete the appropriate forms and mail to:        

    Licensing/Business Tax Receipt Division
    Department of Community Development
    P.O. Box 150027
    Cape Coral, FL 33915-0027

City Code

The following links take you to the chapters of the City Code which pertain to the guidelines, fees and penalties relating to engaging in or managing any business, profession or occupation.

  • Chapter 6:  Contractors and Contractors' Regulatory Board
  • Chapter 11:  Local Business Tax 
  • Chapter 13: Peddlers
  • Chapter 18 1/2:  Vehicles for Hire


Ensures that all contractors and vendors doing business in the City are properly licensed under applicable City and State regulations and investigates alleged violations of local, state, and regional codes and ordinances.

Search for Businesses or Contractors

You can search for contractors through the eTRAKIT software on the City website. On the main page of the software click on 'Contractors' for Contractors or 'Licenses' for businesses.  When on the page you have various options to choose from in the pull down menus in the are titled 'Search Field and operator'.  When you have chosen what you would like to search, i.e. owner name, license type, company name, etc. you enter the search parameters in the field titled 'Search String'.  For example - to search for Pool contractors you would select License Type in the Search Field and enter 'pool' in the Search String area.  The list of pool contractors will appear in a box below.