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Bringing your job to Cape Coral is our job.

The mission of the Cape Coral Economic Development Office (EDO) is to diversify and stimulate the local economy by attracting new businesses, targeting key industries and identifying prime relationships in the market. One way we can do that is by offering customized economic development incentives, resources and personalized assistance for businesses exploring relocation or expansion into Cape Coral. The Cape Coral EDO maintains a portfolio of tools for assistance and is your point of contact for coordinating state and county business incentive programs.

Customized business incentives include cash incentives for the creation of higher-than-average wage jobs, as well as land assembly and infrastructure assistance. There is a range of state and local incentives that encourage targeted industries and corporate relocations, aid in workforce development and address transportation and infrastructural improvements.

Florida already offers highly competitive costs of doing business and is consistently ranked one of the top pro-business states in the nation. Florida is one of only a few right-to-work states, and has no personal income tax, as well as a low corporate income tax rate.  Florida’s sales tax is only 6%. Combined state, county and city incentives of $25 million are available to help businesses grow in Lee County and Cape Coral.

biz incentativeYou can see why it costs less to do business in Cape Coral. Now, find out how it can be even more advantageous to your business—and your bottom line.

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