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Florida is ranked as one of the best states to do business due to a low cost of labor,
low regulations and zero state income tax.

The City can consider tailor-made incentives for new, expanding or relocating companies as well as for new developments. 

In Florida there is...
NO Corporate Income Tax on limited partnerships
NO State Personal Income Tax
NO Corporate Franchise tax on Capital Stock
NO State-Level Property Tax assessed
NO Property Tax on Business Inventories
NO Sales Tax on Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
NO Property Tax on Goods-in-Transit for up to 180 days
NO Sales Tax on Purchases of Raw Materials Incorporated in a Final Product for Resale, including Non-Reusable Containers or Packaging
NO Sales/Use Tax on Co-Generation of Electricity
NO Sales and Use Tax on Goods Manufactured or Produced in Florida for Export Outside the State

Lee County Incentives
Incentives are an important part of any site location decision. The Lee County Economic Development Team will collaborate with you to find the best incentive program for your project. Some incentives available include but not limited to...

North Fort Myers Pilot Program
Following a market study conducted in North Fort Myers, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) directed the Economic Development Office (EDO) to research and design a program to spur the revitalization of areas within the County that have lagged in the ongoing economic recovery.

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Gold Key Grant Program
The Lee County Economic Development Office, along with the Lee County Industrial Development Authority offers financial assistance to small businesses leveraging the US Commercial Services Gold Key Matching service. To learn more about program, visit the US Commercial Services site here

Lee County Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
This seven-member board appointed by the Lee County Commissioners and staffed by the Lee County Economic Development Office is tasked with fostering industrial and business development, and encouraging both change to local and relocating companies to explore the use of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRBs) to finance their projects.
The Lee County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) serves as the initial entry point into the Industrial Development Bond application process.  The IDA also reviews incentive applications for local approval of the Lee County Job Opportunity Program. The board was established in 1975, under Part III of Chapter 159 of the Florida Statutes, and each Industrial Development Authority board member is appointed to a four-year term.
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training grants 2020

Training Grants
Download the QRT Grant Guide

Download the guide to learn more about the Quick Response Training (QRT) and the Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) grants. These are great programs to help start or expand your company today.

  • Created in 1993
  • Served more than 600 businesses
  • Trained at least 139,463 workers
  • Awarded nearly $160M in grants