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Median and Right-of-Way Trash Removal Program

Median and Row Trash Removal - Truck Picking up WasteMedians and public right-of-ways have trash removed on an as-needed basis.  The City has two two-person crews that use a grapple (mechanical claw) truck to remove large items and a third crew that picks up smaller items while dispatched from a pick-up truck.  Issues called into the 311 Call Center and Code Enforcement requests account for most of the work dispatched. 

Trash on private property is only picked up if relocated to the public right-of-way.  That would be the private property owner’s responsibility to remove, and they are typically notified via Code Enforcement.  Should you encounter debris in the medians, streets, or sides of the road needing removal, please get in touch with the 311 Call Center, formerly the Citizen’s Action Center, by dialing 311 or (239) 574-0425.