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Transportation Division

Transportation Division

The Transportation Division supports the mission of the Public Works Department by designing, managing, and inspecting the various transportation capital projects needed to ensure the public's safety. This division also coordinates long-range planning efforts and the data collection and asset management for the City’s transportation systems using GIS-based software.

The division is responsible for traffic studies, evaluations, and changes to traffic control, including signals, signage, and striping. The division is also responsible for sidewalks, curbs, gutter construction, bridge maintenance, median mowing, trash removal, tree trimming, and repairing road shoulders and potholes.  

The Transportation Division oversees the following areas:

  • Traffic Operations to ensure all traffic signage and striping are in place and in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • Street Operations for sidewalk construction and ongoing maintenance of all paved roads, bridges, sidewalks, road shoulders, and medians.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) and manages Traffic Engineering to evaluate the safety and mitigate congestion on the City’s roadway network.
  • Preparation of the necessary plans and specifications for Transportation and Drainage Capital Projects and implementation of the construction of the improvements.
  • Provides supervision and direction to support the long­ range planning efforts and the issuance of per­mits within the Public Works Department.

The Capital projects are identified by Planning and Permitting and other divisions. Using the information obtained by Survey and in coordi­nation with Environmental Resources, the Design and Construction Division prepares the necessary construction plans.  Project Management and Inspection Services are provided during the construction of the improvements, whether by maintenance staff or outside contractors.

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