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Transportation Division

Transportation Project Management

The City is responsible for designing and reviewing construction plans for various City transportation projects.  After the scope of a capital project is identified, the staff uses various technical information such as survey data, traffic studies, and other field investigations to prepare a design and develop construction plans.  Additional work includes obtaining permits, preparing budgets, and developing construction specifications for the project.

Capital projects are identified by the Planning and Permitting Divi­sion, as well as other divisions. Using the information obtained by Survey and in coordi­nation with Environmental Resources, staff prepare the necessary construction plans.  Project Management and Inspection Services are provided during the construction of the improvements, whether by maintenance staff or outside contractors.

The focus of this area is to implement the mission of the Public Works Department by designing, managing, and inspecting the various transportation projects needed to ensure the safety of the public. 

Construction Inspection
The Public Works Construction Inspection section is responsible for the inspection of all transportation and drainage capital projects that are constructed either by the City’s Maintenance Division staff or by private contractors. 

Other duties include monitoring all private utility construction within the City right-of-way, organizing and directing the contractors providing lot mowing and pepper tree removal services, and inspecting other capital projects for other City departments such as Utility and Facility Management.