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Compliant Solid Waste, Horticulture, and Recycling

The below images show examples of how to properly prepare waste and recycling for curbside pick-up.

Compliant Trash Bins - Copy
Compliant Solid Waste & Recycling - Bins are properly placed near the road. There is no garbage or recyclables overflowing from either bin.

Compliant Horticulture Waste
Compliant Horticulture Waste - Piles are tied together and neatly placed near the road.

Compliant Horticulture in Waste Bin - Copy (2)
Compliant Horticulture Waste - Fronds are placed in a bin and placed at the end of the driveway.

Compliant Horticulture in Paper Bags - Copy
Compliant Horticulture Waste - Horticulture is in paper bags and placed at the end of the driveway.