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Non-Compliant Bulk Waste

The following rules apply when placing bulk items out for disposal: 

  • Bulk items should not be stacked.
  • Cardboard should be broken down and placed in recycle bin.
  • All items need to be placed within 3 feet of the road.
  • Any item that can fit in a trash bin should be placed in the bin.
  • "Move-Outs" are not part of the normal bulk pick-up process and must be scheduled for removal.  Note: A fee may be imposed.
The following images are examples of bulk trash that is NOT in compliance.

Non Compliant Bulk Trash 1
What's Wrong?
Bulk trash and cardboard should not be stacked.

Non Compliant Bulk Trash 3
What's wrong?
Bulk waste has not all been placed within 3 feet of the road.

Non Compliant Bulk Trash 2 - Copy
Example of a "Move Out" - Need to call to schedule.

Non Compliant Bulk Trash 4 - Copy
Example of a "Move Out" - Need to call to schedule.