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Fleet Services

Keeping the City Moving                                     
The mission of Fleet Services is to provide its customers and City of Cape Coral employees with safe and dependable vehicles and equipment and to deliver high-quality services cost-effectively.  This is accomplished by teamwork within the Fleet Services area of the Public Works Department and with other City departments and customers.  In doing so, Fleet Management was recognized for six consecutive years in “Government Leading Fleets” and “100 Best Fleets.”

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Preventative Maintenance
Fleet Services schedules and performs preventative maintenance on City assets. Preventive maintenance is intended to keep vehicles and equipment in optimal working condition and minimize breakdown and repair.

Equipment Service and Repair
Fleet mechanics perform repair services in-house whenever possible on occasions of malfunction or breakdown. Local vendors are utilized when outside repairs are warranted. Fleet Management schedules recalls with manufacturer-certified repair service centers.

Acquisition and Disposal
Equipment is purchased and disposed of based on a 6-year Asset Management Program and an Equipment Life Expectancy Chart. Fleet Services staff makes every effort to obtain equipment that will be economical in operation, low in maintenance costs, and able to produce a good return upon resale. Vehicles and equipment due for retirement are auctioned by local vendors, and proceeds are utilized to assist in covering replacement costs.

Fleet Services Contact:
AJ Forbes, Fleet Manager
2503-2505 SE 17th Avenue, Gate C
Cape Coral, FL