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Public Works

Drafting and Design

The Public Works Design and Construction Section designs and reviews construction plans for various City transportation and drainage capital projects.  After the scope of a capital project is identified, staff uses various technical information such as survey data, traffic studies, and other field investigations to prepare a design and develop construction plans.  Additional Work includes obtaining permits, preparing budgets, and developing construction specifications for the project.

This section also provides technical support to other Public Work divisions and other City departments, coordinates with various County and State agencies and represents the City at various technical planning functions.


Projects under design (2020)

Sidewalks- Continuously designing various sidewalk projects that are funded through grants.  (Please click on the link to view the Sidewalk Map)

Block Designs -  modify swale drainage to curb and gutter as requirement of private commercial development.

Sun Trail 

Update to Engineering Design Standards- The City is working on revisions to its Engineering Design Standards.  The draft standards are currently under staff review and will be available for public review by the end of FY 2020. 

Click here for the latest version of the City’s Engineering Design Standards, approved and adopted by City Council as of 7-20-2009.

Pimolmas Tan, P.E
Principal Engineer