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Contract Dredging Management

Dredging of a Cape Coral Canal

This program is responsible for maintaining over 400 miles of fresh and saltwater canal systems within the City.   Dredging is performed in order to maintain a navigable condition for the safe movement of boats and preserve ecologically sound conditions.  The dredge operates in the center of the canal and does not come within 20 feet of the seawall.   Presently the City deploys just one canal dredging crew but has two other dredges it could also use if staffing is increased.  Starting in 2014, select canals in S.E. Cape Coral were designated for dredging by an outside contractor, who will have until 2017 to complete this work.

The SE Quadrant Master Plan document is provided below. Please note that Appendix B and Appendix D cannot be provided as they are in DVD format. The dredging schedule and map for the SE Quadrant also are provided.

SE Quadrant Canal Dredging Schedule

The SE Quadrant Master Plan uses a scoring system to prioritize the canal dredging project in the southeast Cape. The higher the score, the higher the canal's priority. The map illustrates the canal dredging schedule for the SE Quadrant.

SE Quadrant Canal Dredging Master Plan