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This site is intended to provide information on the signs or indicators that may predict a possible terrorist attack. Each one of us has a responsibility to help protect our community, state and country. It is important that all Cape Coral residents have a basic ability to recognize the signs of terrorism and to report suspicious activities to your state, county, or local police department. Terrorism events are planned, organized, and carried out by individuals acting alone or in groups. It is important for all of us to realize that when a terrorist incident occurs, it affects everyone. As part of your daily routine, being observant and reporting anything out of the ordinary could be the crucial first step in preventing a possible terrorist plot or threat.

If this type of suspicious activity is witnessed, Cape Coral Police Department should be contacted immediately at 239-574-3223 or 9-1-1 for emergencies. 

The seven signs of terrorism are as follows:
  1. Surveillance.
  2. Elicitation.
  3. Tests of security.
  4. Acquiring supplies.
  5. Suspicious people who don’t belong.
  6. Dry or trial runs.
  7. Deploying assets or getting into position.