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In this section, you will find find a variety of puzzles and games you can do alone or with others to help keep your mind sharp while being at home.

Test Your Memory of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation Locations!
Can you guess where the below photos were taken? Each collage is one Cape Coral Parks & Recreation location. Here are some potential answers: Cape Coral Yacht Club, Tony Rotino Center, William Austen Youth Center/Eagle Skate Park, Rotary Park, Four Freedoms Park, Lake Kennedy Center, Coral Oaks Golf Course and Sun Splash Waterpark. 

Memory Game - Park Location #1 
Location One Collage Game

Memory Game - Park Location #2

Location Two Collage Game 

Memory Game - Park Location #3
Location Three Collage Game

 Memory Game - Park Location #4
Location Four Collage

Memory Game - Park Location #5
collage - rotary park

--> Do you have your guesses written down and all ready to check the correct answers? 
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I Spy Games
Can you spot the listed objects in each of the following photos? Take turns with a family member and see who can do it faster! What other objects do you see? Do you know what they do?

I Spy the Art Center - Puzzle #1
--> Find 3 scissors, 5 kneaded erasers, 3 oil pastels, 5 buttons
I Spy Art Center 1

I Spy the Art Center - Puzzle #2
Find 4 Scissors, 3 Rolling pins, 5 sponges
I Spy Art Center 2 

I Spy the Art Center - Puzzle #3
-->Find 3 seagulls, 5 rulers, 3 Sharpie, 4 pencils 
I Spy Art Center 3

I Spy the Art Center - Puzzle #4
--> Find 5 Sunglasses, 5 Pliers, 3 Dip N Go Sludge
I Spy Art Center 4

Dino Match Game
Check out this "RAWRSOME" matching game and test you dino knowledge! 

Dinosaur Match Game

--> Do you have your guesses written down and ready to check the correct answers? 
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If you have a printer and want to make this game more interactive for the kids, download the images shown below, cut out the dinosaur eggs and try to match each one to the correct dinosaur. What a fun way to learn about these pre-historic reptiles!

--> Download Dino Match Game - Cut Out Version

Dino Match_Page_1 Dino Match_Page_2


Scavenger Hunts
Can you find each of these items in your house, backyard or neighborhood? See if you can! Do one a day or all at once...and even compete with a loved one to see who can complete their list the fastest. You might even find some things - not on the lists - you forgot you had! 

--> Gather all the items, take picture and share on social media using #CCVirtualRec 

Around the House Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Closets List

Kitchen Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Kitchen List

Laundry Room Scavenger Hunt
Laundry Room Scavenger Hunt

Garage Scavenger Hunt
Garage Scavenger Hunt

Backyard Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Backyard

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger huntPicture 2

Word Searches and Mazes
Give your brain a workout with these parks and recreation related word searches and mazes! 

Word Search Cape Words
--> Download PDF of Cape Coral Words!

Word Search Sunsplash
--> Download PDF of Sun Splash Word Search

Insect Word Search

--> Download PDF of Insect Word Search

Maze Reach the Owl
--> Download PDF of Reach the Owl Maze

Maze Help the Cape Squirrel
--> Download PDF of Help the Cape Squirrel Maze


Close-Up Photo Puzzles
Take a close look, really close, at the below items and guess what you are seeing. After you write down your guesses, click the link below the group of photos to see the correct answers. 

--> Close-Up Puzzle #1 
Zoomed In Food Game

--> Close-Up Puzzle #2

Zoomed In Rotary

--> Do you have your guesses written down and all ready to check the correct answers? 

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DIY Block Tower Game
Learn how to make a giant block tower with the below simple step by step tutorial! Recycle supplies from your garage or utilize store pick-up options to practice social distancing.

DIY Block Tower Game-page-001


Window Tic-Tac-Toe
Here’s a fun game that families in many places are enjoying with neighbors, friends, and loved ones in group living (assisted living or senior housing, etc.) It’s a fun way to interact and play a familiar game in a "safe social distancing" way!

Tic Tac Toe Corrected

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--> Memory Game Answer Key:

  • Location #1 = Wm Austen Youth Center / Eagle Skate Park
  • Location #2 = Four Freedoms Park & Preschool
  • Location #3 = Lake Kennedy Center
  • Location #4 = Cape Coral Art Center
  • Location #5 = Rotary Park & Environmental Center

--> Dino Match Game Answer Key:

  1.    J  = Dilpohosaurus
  2.    E = Spinosaurus
  3.    I = Apatosaurus
  4.    B = Triceratops
  5.    H = Allosaurus
  6.    D = Stegosaurus
  7.    G = Brachiosaurus
  8.    A = Tyrannosaurus
  9.    F = Archaeopteryx
  10.   C = Velociraptor

--> Close-Up Puzzle Pictures - Answer Key

  • Close-Up Puzzle #1

Zoomed In Answers

  • Close-Up Puzzle #2
Zoomed In Answers Rotary

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