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Instructions for Using Interactive Bike/Parks Map

The Interactive Bike/Park Map provides a wealth of information.  Take the time to review it.  

  • bike map boxClick on a Colored Bike Route Line: This will bring up the box with relevant information such as route distance. Zoom in or out to see parks and other places along the route. 
  • Distance: Click on the colored line of any one of the 8 bike routes on the Interactive Bike/Park Map (CCCC, PPC, Veteran's etc.) to see its length in miles. You can calculate the distance you want to ride on the Interactive Map or click on the line for each of the 8 bike routes to see how long they each are, as well as get other pertinent information such as the "Ride With GPS" downloadable maps for each route.
  • Parks Icons: Click on park icons on the Interactive Bike/Park Map to see what amenities are located at each park along the bike routes.
  • Ride With GPS: Click on the bike route colored line to see a drop-down box with relevant information, then click on the "Ride With GPS" link to upload details on the bike route to your GPS.
  • Lee Trans Maps & Schedules: Click on the bike route colored line for a specific bike route, then click on "Lee Trans Maps & Schedule" for details on bus routes and other pertinent information. Buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the vehicle.
  • Zoom In or Out, Measure Distance or Set Your Location: Click on the + zoom in or – zoom out buttons, the ruler to measure specific distances, and/or set your location on the map. There are lots of options to make this Interactive Map user-friendly!