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Human Resources

                   COVID-19 UPDATE

First and foremost, the City of Cape Coral is STILL HIRING.

However, as a result of the precautionary measures the City of Cape Coral is taking in response to COVID-19, the Human Resources department has implemented several new recruitment protocols.

  • Interviews will be conducted either by phone/video, when possible, for both the candidates as well as the panel team’s safety.  On-site interviews are still taking place with the necessary safeguards in place.
  • Additional screening communications are being sent to applicants prior to interviewing, and new hires prior to onboarding and first day of employment.
  • Start dates will be reviewed on a per hire basis to determine if any accommodations are necessary. 

These safeguards reflect the highest priority we place on the well being of our employees, candidates and new hires.

Please stay safe and healthy!