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The Office of Management & Budget is responsible for the oversight of Budgeting Services. Budgeting Services is responsible for the coordination of all budget activities of city government. Specific responsibilities include the preparation of a proposed annual city budget, full cost allocation plan, revenue manual and five year asset improvement program; analyzing the fiscal impact of proposed city ordinances; and providing operational review and assistance to city departments.

Click the image for the FY2022-2024 Adopted Budget
City of Cape Coral FY 2022-2024 Adopted Budget Cover

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Prior Year's Budgets10 documents

  • FY2012-2014 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2716
  • FY2013-2015 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2715
  • FY2014-2016 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2714
  • FY2015-2017 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2713
  • FY2016-2018 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2712
  • FY2017-2019 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2711
  • FY2018-2020 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2710
  • FY2019-2021 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2709
  • FY2020-2022 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2708
  • FY2021-2023 Adopted Budget
    document _recordid 2707

Budget Amendments5 documents

  • FY2021 Budget Amendment #1
    document _recordid 2722
  • FY2021 Budget Amendment #2
    document _recordid 2720
  • FY2021 Budget Amendment #3
    document _recordid 2719
  • FY2021 Budget Amendment #4
    document _recordid 2718
  • FY2022 Budget Amendment #1
    document _recordid 2717

Quarterly Financial Reports2 documents

  • FY2022 Quarterly Report - 2nd Quarter
    document _recordid 2763
  • FY2022 Quarterly Report - 1st Quarter
    document _recordid 2723