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Stormwater Fees

What does the Stormwater fee pay for?

The monies collected from the stormwater fees are used to improve the City’s drainage system and perform canal dredging/maintenance.

Why do we have to pay stormwater fees if it is vacant land?

Every property in the City is billed for stormwater regardless if it is vacant or improved. A good stormwater management program ensures that the environment, quality of life, and property values are protected.

Our property doesn’t flood. Why do we have to pay stormwater fees?

Your property may not be flooding as a result of the stormwater effort.

Why is my neighbor’s stormwater bill less?

The stormwater fee is based on the square footage of the property - therefore a 3-lot parcel would be charged more than a 2-lot parcel.

How often is the stormwater fee billed?

The stormwater fee is billed once a year as a non-ad valorem tax on the Lee County Tax bill.

When did the stormwater program begin?

The Stormwater program began in 1990.

What are ERU’s?

ERU’s are Equivalent Residential Units or 10,000 sq. ft, which is the standard unit used to calculate developed residential property’s stormwater fees.

Why are my ERU’s more than last year, but the property is the same size?

When there is any improvement done to the property such a building, a house, or adding on to a commercial building, the area of the parcel that allows water to enter directly into the ground is reduced. This results in a new stormwater fee calculation that charges more for an area that causes stormwater runoff due to buildings, driveways, sidewalks, etc.

What is the billing period?

The billing period is October 1 through September 30.

My delinquent stormwater fee was paid on my property tax bill, can you release any liens that were put on my property?

Prior to billing delinquent stormwater accounts on the tax bill, all liens for those delinquent amounts were released.