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Lot Mowing Program

What is the Lot Mowing Program?

The City’s lot mowing program provides benefit to the citizens of Cape Coral by controlling vegetation, growth, and inhabitation of vermin. In addition, the Lot Mowing Program funds the removal of invasive or harmful non-native plant species.

What time period do the lot mowing charges cover?

The time period is from January 1 through December 31 each year.

How many mowings are there each year?

There are 13 mows each year, except for those parcels located in an eagle’s nesting zone, which could get as few as four mows if the eagles are nesting. The mowings, beginning in early February, are done every 2-6 weeks, with the final mowing occurring in November. No mowings are scheduled for the months of December and January.

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How often are Lot Mowing Program fees billed?

Lot mowing fees are included with the property tax notice. The charge is based on the area where the lot is located. 

I only have one lot. Why am I being charged for two?

The Lot Mowing fee is based on an equivalent lot or each 5,000 sq. ft. of a parcel. 

I don’t want the city to mow my lots. Is the program mandatory?

Per City Ordinance 111-03 Sec. 9-81, all unimproved real property in the city shall be included in the city Lot Mowing Program. Individual property owners may request an exemption from the program upon submission to the City Manager, or his/her designee, and a written statement. Property Owners are to indicate in the written statement that they are requesting an exemption from the Lot Mowing Program, stating that they intend to ensure that their property will be routinely mowed so that the height of grass, weeds, and underbrush thereon will not exceed 12 inches in height. The City Manager or his/her designee may revoke an exemption if the property owner fails to keep the property mowed as required. Send exemption request to: City of Cape Coral, Customer Billing Services Division, and P.O. Box 150006, Cape Coral FL 33915-0006.

What do I do if building takes place during the year?

Your lots will continue to be mowed until the lots are scrapped and building commences. At that time, the mowing is automatically ceased. Upon the owner’s request, a credit refund may be issued for any mowing that has been billed but not performed.

If I sell my lot, do I need to notify the city?

No, ownership changes are received and updated on a daily basis from the Lee County Property Appraisers Office.

If I have a complaint about the vacant lots, who do I contact.

Any complaints should be directed to the City of Cape Coral’s Citizens Action Center, 239-574-0425.