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Click here to access the GIS Payoff Search Application
If you experience difficulty in accessing the GIS Payoff Search Application, please click on the link below and fax the payoff request form to 239-242-3899.

Special Assessments

Special Assessments are one-time charges to property owners when their property (including vacant property) is serviced for potable (drinking) water, sewer or irrigation water. Once any of these services are available, hookup to water and sewer lines is mandatory for all developed properties. Irrigation line hookup is optional.

Contribution in Aid of Construction

Contribution In Aid of Construction fees are one-time fees charged upon development when properties are not in an assessment area but have City services available (within 200 feet).

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A fifteen (15) year payment plan. Interest rate shall be established at time of application and shall equal current prime lending rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the last day of the month preceding the application, plus one percent (1%) plus a one percent (1%) administrative fee.

Capital Expansion Fees Water and Sewer
Capital Expansion Fees are a one-time charge incurred when homeowners hookup to City water and sewer. These fees, plus a $10.00 lien fee, may be paid over a six-year term after zero percent, to any amount, down payment.  Billing occurs annually.

Click here for Capital Expansion Fees

Property Taxes
Property taxes are assessed by Lee County Property Appraisers. For more information call the Lee County Property Appraiser’s Office at 239-533-6100 or visit their website at Lee County Property Line

Payment of property taxes and billing of property taxes is handled by the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office. For more information call the Lee County Tax Collector at 239-533-6000 or visit their website Lee County Tax Collector.