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Preliminary Subdivision Plans and Plats

All new subdivisions which are in compliance with the zoning district requirements are reviewed and approved through the Preliminary Subdivision Plan (PSP) process.  The PSP or MCP* approves the subdivision plan which becomes the basis for the subsequent SCP and final Plat.  The PSP, SCP and Plat review/approval process is administrative.   The Plat and SCP are reviewed simultaneously with staff approval of the preliminary Plat required prior to approval of the SCP. The City’s final acceptance of the Plat is brought before City Council as an item on the consent agenda at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. Article 10 of the LDC defines the PSP and Plat requirements.  The Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval will assist you in preparing and submitting Plats for review.

It is the developer’s responsibility to have the Plat and any other documents associated with the Plat recorded in the public record with the Lee County Clerk. The developer shall pay all fees associated with recording the Plat and associated documents and shall provide two full size copies of the recorded plat to the City.

Please Note: No building permits will be issued until the plat has been recorded and the parcels reflect the recorded Plat on the Lee County Property Appraisers website.

Under Florida Statutes §197.333, taxes become due and payable on November 1st of each year.  If the final Plat has been accepted by the City, but the Plat has not been recorded prior to November 1st, taxes must be paid before the Plat will be recorded.

*Proposed subdivisions not in full compliance with the zoning district are required to be rezoned to a PUD zoning designation.  The Master Concept Plan (MCP) of the PUD serves as the PSP in the case of a PUD. Contact the Planning Division directly for information on the PUD process, Article 3, Section 3.4.7. of the LDC.

Plat documents are located at the following links:
Application for Plat Review;
Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval; and
POA Checklist.