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Lien Reduction Program

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The City Council adopted a resolution to assist citizens with lien reductions. Resolution 9-09 assists owners of properties that are being sold or have been purchased through foreclosure.  Please contact the Code Compliance Division for more information if your foreclosure sale requires a short sale.  Additionally please contact us if your property sale is effected by another joint property in foreclosure and you require a partial release.

Please fill out the application and submit it to the Code Compliance Division for review.  Please know that each reduction of lien will require an extensive examination of the lien and case file and requires a minimum of two weeks to complete the lien reduction process.  Please submit your application as soon as possible to expedite your lien reduction.

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  Amnesty Application Form/Partial Releases, etc. CD-DCD-00009   Resolution 9-09 assists owners of properties that have been purchased through foreclosure; owners or purchasers in need of a partial release of lien.  Please print this document and mail to:

                                                        City of Cape Coral Code Compliance
                                                     P.O. Box 150027
                                                     Cape Coral, FL 33915-0027