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Land Development Division

Project Completion and Acceptance

When a Site Development Project is completed, the documentation required to close out the permit and receive a Certificate of Completion varies depending on the infrastructure installed during construction. Projects that do not involve the extension or widening of City roadways or installation of City-owned drainage or utility improvements will only require the following two documents, which are required to be signed and sealed by the Engineer of Record:

  • Record Drawings, paper and/or digital.  One signed and sealed paper copy of the record drawings will be required with the certification letter, and a PDF of the Record drawings is now required for all project closeouts. 

Projects that involve the construction of infrastructure, which will be turned over to the City for ownership and maintenance, will require documentation in addition to the previous two listed items. As may be appropriate for the facilities to be dedicated to the City, the following documentation is required:

  • Test reports:
    • Bacteriological tests for potable water;
    • Pressure tests;
    • Concrete tests;
    • Proctors, LBR’s and density test reports; and
    • Back Flow Certifications.
  • FDEP and Lee Co. Health Department clearance letters.
  • 3 Day pump station run test, all projects containing a pump station to be turned over to the City require a 3-day run test prior to the project receiving a Certificate of Completion.