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Land Development Division

Pre-Application Meetings

Pre-Application Meetings allow developers and consultants the opportunity to obtain preliminary, nonbinding feedback on proposed development projects. Applicants are encouraged, though not required, to request a Pre-Application Meeting.

The applicant is required to submit a letter of intent describing the proposed development along with a preliminary plan showing the pertinent features of the proposed development.  The more detail provided in the letter of intent and the initial plan(s), the more accurate and reliable the staff review and comments will be.  Every effort is made to provide staff comments to the applicant for review prior to the meeting.  Be sure to include any specific questions in your letter.

A Design Professional Engineer should submit their letter of intent and scaled preliminary plan(s) online via the City’s Citizen Self Service website.  Upon receipt of the required information, the applicant will be informed of the next available meeting date and time.

Meetings are reserved for every other Tuesday afternoon. Three time slots are available, and the meetings are conducted as video conferences through a Microsoft Teams Meeting. 

Typical Pre-Application Meetings include staff members from the following disciplines: Planning/Environmental, Horticulture, Fire, Engineering, Surface Water Management, Transportation, Utilities, Customer Billing Services, and Real Estate.  Under special circumstances, additional staff may be requested to attend.

Comments provided by staff regarding an approval process or permit are preliminary only and subject to change based on detailed information provided with an application to the City of Cape Coral.  The formal review may result in additional changes not noted prior to a formal application. The final design or project must comply with the Land Development Code (LDC), Engineering Design Standards, City Code of Ordinances, Comprehensive Plan, and other applicable laws and regulations.  Failure of staff to identify any required permits or procedures at a pre-application meeting shall not relieve the applicant of any such requirements of the LDC or constitute waiver of the requirements.

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