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To check your flood zone and elevation requirement CLICK HERE and follow the search instructions which appear below.

Search Instructions: The disclaimer page will appear which should be reviewed.  After review, scroll towards the bottom of the page and Click the blue START button.  A popup will appear for you to read the disclaimer and accept; once accepted Click on the “downward arrow” button on the left hand side (top left of the screen).  Select your preferred method for searching (address, owner name, etc.).  Enter this information and hit enter on your keyboard or Click the magnifying glass which will run the search.  A box will appear over the property which includes the parcel information.  You will need to scroll down to view your current flood zone and your new flood panel.  

To view an elevation certificates for buildings that were built since 1993, CLICK HERE then choose ELEVATION. Enter your address in the box below and then click "search".

Please note:
 Buildings built prior to 1993 did not require an elevation certificate; therefore the City of Cape Coral will not have an elevation certificate on file for these buildings.  Please contact the Surveyor that completed the survey for your mortgage closing or contact the Title Company that processed your house closing.


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