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Site Development Plans and Subdivision Construction Plans

Plans and supporting documentation for SDP and SCP applications are to be prepared and submitted in accordance with LDC Article 3, Section 3.3.7.  The review is administrative and once all the staff comments have been adequately addressed an approval letter is issued with instructions for obtaining work authorization.

Developing in the downtown CRA area?  
The first phase of the CRA Stormwater Master Plan has also been implemented on Lafayette Street.  The Stormwater Master Plan project provides a significant improvement to water quality in the South Cape.  This is another opportunity for public/private investment to facilitate redevelopment in the South Cape by providing and alternative to the installation of conventional onsite water management treatment facilities.  Please contact for more information.

The following links provide access to the various documents required for the successful submission of an SDP or SCP application.  Please feel free to contact Development Services at (239) 573-3167 or if you have any questions regarding the forms or process.

SDP Application, individual forms:

Related Documents:
Engineering Design Standards Deviation Request,  Note: When processed separately from a SDP the deviation requires a Limited Review fee;

Refer to the Planning Division page for the following documents:
  • Non-Residential Design Standards Application;
  • Environmental Survey/Report Guidelines;
  • Burrowing Owl/Gopher Tortoise Affidavit

Site Development Plan Permit
Upon approval of an SDP, the applicant will be notified that the project was approved and the permit may be issued to the applicant’s contractor. Prior to permit issuance, the contractor will be required to submit a Site Development Permit Miscellaneous Application, a Notice of Commencement and the associated permit fees must be paid.