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EnerGov FAQs


What is EnerGov?

Where can I access training materials and other EnerGov software-related documents?

How do I access the system?

When registering an account with the new EnerGov system on or after Feb. 22, 2022, can I use any email address?

Will we need new login information when logging into EnerGov?

What is my login information?

Do I need to contact the City to install EnerGov software?

What web browsers can I use to access EnerGov software?

What is the web address for the EnerGov CSS system?

I cannot log in; what should I do?

With the eTrakIt system, we currently have more than one person who applies for permits but we are registered in eTrakIt with only one user who gets notifications. When we register with EnerGov, can we register multiple people?

How do I log out of the system correctly?


Where do I go in the EnerGov CSS software to… apply for a permit / pay an invoice / check the status of a permit application, etc?

When I search for an address in CSS, it says “there were no results found for that address.”  How do I enter addresses in the search box?


My inspections for permits that were automatically transferred over to EnerGov from TrakIt have 01/01/2035 as a requested date for inspection. Why is this and how do I schedule these inspections? 

How do I schedule inspections and what do I need to provide at the construction site?

I can see an inspection/permit in the system but can’t request an inspection?

How do I know my inspection request has been received by the City?

How do I cancel/reschedule my inspection request that has not been scheduled?

How do I cancel/reschedule my inspection request if it has been scheduled?

How do I confirm an inspection is requested?


After paying the entire balance of fees due on my permit, will I need to communicate further with the City prior to permit issuance?

What type of payments are accepted and what are the payment details?

I’m logged into CSS and can see the invoice but cannot pay it.

Is EnerGov only a “pay-as-you-go” system using credit cards or will escrow accounts be available as a payment option? What will happen to the balances in escrow accounts that have been set up for use with the previous eTrakIt system?


Can I apply for an owner/builder permit online?

How do I add contractors or sub-contractors to the permit?

How do outside engineering firms submit their documents?

Does each design professional need to prepare plan sets which only include their work?

I apply for many “pre-paid” permits such as pre-paid screen enclosure permits. How does this work with EnerGov?

If I run a permitting service, will I be allowed to register an account for my service and attach multiple contractors licenses to my account so I can process permits on their behalf?

How do I send in a revision to my plans for my permit?

Will there be paper applications with EnerGov?

Will paper-based applications still be available after EnerGov goes live?

If we initially applied for a permit as a paper-based permit, can we upload digitized documents for that permit using EnerGov?

Will I be able to upload licensing documents such as contractor’s licensing, worker’s compensation forms using the portal?


Why can’t I see my permits online?

How can I check the status of my permit?

My account says “account locked?”

Why are there so many closed cases displayed?

I’m getting an error message saying “ is already in use” when I try to add a contact while applying for a permit online?

I can’t find my city-reviewed documents.

How will I know that the review is complete and fees are due prior to permit issuance?

Under the Search function will elevation certificates and home plans from previous projects be available through the portal?

Will the City be scanning in paper-based permits as part of the EnerGov conversion?

If we lose a permit for a paper-based permit that was created under the previous eTrakIt system, will we be able to access the permitting documents through the EnerGov portal?


If I have questions about the software or need to submit an issue, who should I contact?

If there is an error in the setup of the permit such as a missing inspection or sequencing error, how do I resolve this?