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Code Compliance Division

Filing / Responding to Complaints

How to File a Code Complaint:
There are several ways to report an issue to Cape Coral Code Compliance, including through the Citizen Self-Service 311 portal on the website, Cape Coral 311 app, phone or email, or in person during public comment at meetings. Visit the Cape Coral 311 Call Center web page to learn more. 

Code Compliance Division
1015 Cultural Park Blvd
Cape Coral, FL 33990-1216
Office: 239-574-0613
Fax: 239-574-0611 

* Note: Effective July 1, 2021, under Florida Statutes Section 125.69, Cape Coral Code Enforcement is no longer allowed to investigate potential violations of codes or ordinances through anonymous complaints, except under specific guidelines for safety and environmental violations. A person who reports a possible violation must provide their name and address as part of the complaint. This is only meant to serve as a brief summary of the recent amendments to Florida Statutes Section 125.69.

The following link provides a complete version of the recent amendments to Florida Statutes Section 125.69:

What Happens After a Code Complaint is Filed:
Once a complaint is received, an investigation is conducted, and efforts are made to contact the property owner or occupant.  City staff makes them aware of a violation and educates them on the steps needed to resolve the issue. A reasonable amount of time is provided to make the corrections.  Since the severity of the violations may vary, the time to bring the property into compliance may differ.

Code Compliance staff works with the property owner to provide options to correct the violations, as our goal is to gain voluntary compliance. If the violation is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time, steps are taken to escalate actions, and the formal noticing process begins. A Code Board Hearing is scheduled if the corrective actions are not made after receiving formal notice.  If a guilty finding is rendered during the hearing, there lead to a fine, administrative cost, and possibly a lien being placed on the property.

You will not receive automatic updates on the case after reporting, but you can call our office at (239) 574-0613 for an update. We can always tell you whether it has been resolved, if it has gone before the Code Board, or if a lien has been placed on the property. Because the responsiveness of property owners and Code Board timelines vary, we would only be able to estimate how long the process will take.

The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to gain voluntary compliance with the city's codes and ordinances through cooperation from property owners where violations exist.  However, when property owners choose to disregard the city’s codes and ordinances, the issue may be escalated to enforcement by way of a public hearing before Cape Coral’s Special Magistrate. The City of Cape Coral conducts code enforcement hearings pursuant to Florida Statutes Title XI, Chapter 162. 

Code compliance hearings for the City of Cape Coral are open to the public.  The hearings are held in the City of Cape Coral Council Chambers (second floor) located at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd, Cape Coral, FL.  The hearings start at 9:00 am on select dates and continue until all cases on the docket have been heard.  The hearing dates for the current year can be found on the Code Compliance Hearings web page or on the City's Public Meeting Calendar.