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• Do not dump or throw anything into the swales, drainage inlets, canals, basins or river. Dumping into these waters is a violation of City of Cape Coral Code of Ordinances, Section 9-15. This includes lawn clippings, horticultural trimmings, dirt and fill material, and other construction debris. Keep in mind that any dirt or lawn clippings that are blown into the street will eventually be washed into the drainage system. Also, all construction sites are required to have erosion protection devices. Material such as silt and sand can reduce the capacity of the drainage system. If this occurs, the system cannot carry the water away as it was engineered to do. If you see dumping into the stormwater system or any waterbody, please notify Code Enforcement at (239) 574-0613. 

• If your property is next to a drainage inlet, canal, or river, please keep inlets open and the banks clear of brush and debris.

• Always check with the Department of Community Development, Building Division at (239) 574-0546, before you build on, alter, regrade, or deposit fill on your property. You may need a permit to ensure that your projects do not cause drainage problems on your property or any surrounding properties. If you see building or filling without a City permit sign posted, please notify Code Enforcement at (239) 574-0613.

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