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Customer Service-Permitting



  • Counter service for Building Permits at City Hall is by appointment only at this time.
  • If you must come in-person, please make an appointment via QLess at the following link:


  • You must come in person to City Hall to apply for your permit as an owner-builder.

Have an EnerGov question?  Call our EnerGov helpline at 239-242-3838.  Agents are available from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. to assist you with your EnerGov questions. 


Request Payment of Fees Due Prior to Conversion to EnerGov Permitting System – Effective 1/28/22
Amendment to Seawall Standards found in the Public Works Engineering Design Standards - Effective 3/01/2022
Revision of Commercial and Residential Seawall Alternative Guidelines - Effective 1/1/2022
Amendment to Seawall Standards found in the Public Works Engineering Design Standards - Effective 3/01/2022
Elimination of Fax Line for Document Submittals - Effective 10/1/2021
New Residential Plan Review Quick Reference Guide   - Effective 9/7/2021
Elevation Certificates for Building Permits Must be Submitted Electrically with Verifiable Signature - Effective September 7, 2021
New Construction Request Early Material Delivery Process - Effective 5/1/2021
The Florida Building Code 7th edition (2020) and Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC) 7th edition (2020) will be effective for building permit applications initially received on or after 12/31/2020
COVID-19 Phase 3 Reopening Actions - Effective 10/5/2020
Cape Coral Ordinances affecting the LDC - Effective 9/14/2020
Protection of Easement Amendment - Hold Harmless Agreement for PUE Encroachments - Effective 7/28/2020
Building Division Operations - Effective 6/15/2020
Floodplain Management Update - Effective 7/1/2020
New Electronic Permitting Procedures - Effective 4/8/2020
New FEMA Elevation Certificates - Effective 2/21/2020
Residential Pool Application Process Update - Effective 1/1/2020
TCO Request / Extension - Effective 10/1/2019 - Includes furniture letters
Land Development Code - Effective 8/6/2019
Impervious Surface Calculation Worksheet - Effective 8/6/2019
New Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017) - Effective 12/31/2017
CO/CC Updated Procedure and Form - Effective 12/1/2017

Permitting Process