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2024 City Council Elections 
Step by step instructions to view current listing of those that have announced their candidacy:
1.  Click on the following link for the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website:
2.  Click on the Candidates box on the left side of the page
3.  Next, click on the Candidate lists box on the left side of the page
4.  Here, you will see a heading:  2024 Candidate Information, click on the word Municipal
5.  Once you have selected Municipal, you will find all who have announced their candidacy.  Click on the name / names you are interested in for additional details including  campaign reports .
REMINDER:  The City of Cape Coral will hold Elections in 2024 for Council Members in Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.  This is a non-partisan election.

All candidates must be 1) a registered elector of the City; 2) a permanent resident of the City;  3) a continuous, full-time resident of the City for the entire calendar year preceding his/her qualification for office;  and  4) Candidates for Council Member must also reside in their respective Districts.   


UPDATED 3/12/24.  When and how do I announce my candidacy?  Please reach out to the Lee County Elections at 239-533-8683 if you are ready to announce your candidacy.   You may announce your candidacy at any time.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Prior to accepting any contributions or spending any funds on the campaign, forms called the DS-DE 9 and the DS-DE 84 must be completed and properly filed.    Here is a link to access the most current version of these forms:

2.  Can I have a copy of the City Charter to review the requirements?  Yes, here a link to our City Charter, candidate qualifications are located in Article 4:  City Charter 

3.  Will I have to file a Form 6? (Updated 1/29/24)
Yes, the Form 6 Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interest for 2023 is a required step during qualification.  The Form 6 must be filed electronically with the Florida Commission on Ethics.  This may take time to set up an online account.  UPDATED:  4/5/24 - Note:  at qualification, a printed copy of the "Form 6, Verification, and Receipt of Filing" must be turned in, or a printed copy of the completed disclosure.   
Form 6 Informational Link

4.  When is qualification?   
QUALIFICATION DATES:  To have your name placed on the 2024 Election Ballot, required documentation and fees are collected during the following dates:  
NOON, June 10, 2024 through NOON, June 14, 2024.  

5.  How much does it cost to qualify for City Council Member?   
Election Assessment - Each person seeking to qualify for election to a municipal office shall pay, at the time of qualifying, an election assessment equal to one percent (1%) of the annual salary of the office sought.   Candidates for City Council (except Mayor) will be assessed Four Hundred Nineteen Dollars and Nineteen Cents ($419.19) plus the $100.00 filing fee per City Charter.  The total cost for qualifying is $519.19.  

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