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DSC09241We always ask students what they feel is more important when putting distance or direction?

Well, the absolute correct answer is both. But the best way to reduce your number of putting strokes is to control your distances when putting. If one's and two's are good scores, and three's and four's are bad scores when putting, then it is necessary to work on controlling your distances when putting during your round. 

One practice drill we use is called a Ladder Drill. Place five tees about 10 feet apart in the shape of a ladder. While you practice, we want you to putt towards each tee with one ball. So you'll have the first ball at the 10-foot tee and the second ball at the 20-foot tee, and so on until you work up and down the ladder, making sure you can leave each ball within one to two feet of each tee. This drill helps with distance control. 

Another drill we like is Around The World; place six golf balls in a circle around the hole at a distance of four feet. Hit each putt as its own. What we mean by that is do not just knock one in and move over to the next. Once you make the first putt we want you to walk away and read the second putt and go through your routine and putt that one and so on around the circle until you have made all six without missing. This will make you better at short putts, and it will build a consistent routine that will make you better on all putts. 

Try this, and if you need additional help, give us a call for private instruction or participate in one of our golf schools or clinics.

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