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Cape Coral Man Arrested for Falsely Impersonating an Officer

(February 13, 2023) On February 11, 2023, an officer from the Cape Coral Police Department contacted a driver of a vehicle at 2603 Santa Barbara Boulevard (WAWA).

The call notes stated that a vehicle matching this description drove into WAWA after following another vehicle. This suspect vehicle was following the witness who called 911 after this suspect vehicle initiated red and blue emergency lights and attempted to pull over the witness. After the witness pulled over into the median, the suspect vehicle pulled beside the vehicle and, on a loudspeaker, told them to slow down. The driver of this vehicle did not appear to be a sworn law enforcement officer which prompted the 911 call. The witness followed the vehicle into the WAWA parking lot.

Officers arrived at the scene, and contact was made with Alan Jay Young (W/M 10-04-1968, 335 NE 31st Terrace, Cape Coral), who was seated in this vehicle. Mr. Young spontaneously uttered that he saw the witness driving recklessly, which prompted him to initiate his unauthorized red and blue vehicle lights.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Young stated his vehicle is used primarily for law enforcement parades, and he understood he should not have turned them on acting in the capacity of a law enforcement officer to stop the witness’s vehicle.

Mr. Young was subsequently transported to Lee County Jail.

Mr. Young was charged with the following:

*Falsely Impersonating an Officer F.S.S. 843.08


ARRESTED: Alan Jay Young (W/M 10-04-1968, 335 NE 31st Terrace, Cape Coral).


*Falsely Impersonating an Officer F.S.S. 843.08