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High Visibility Enforcement, Impaired Driving Operation.

(February 9, 2023) - The Cape Coral Police Department will be conducting a  High Visibility Enforcement, Impaired Driving Operation this weekend. This is part of our continuing effort to increase traffic safety awareness through education and enforcement. The mission of these operations is to help reduce Impaired driving traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths on our roadways in Cape Coral.

This High Visibility Enforcement Impaired Driving Operation will be conducted by Patrol and Traffic officers, this operation will be citywide.

The primary focus of this operation will be placed on criminal violations in relation to driving under the influence (DUI). Officers will also be focusing on moving violations such as speeding, red-light, and stop sign violations, as well as aggressive driving. Visible enforcement increases awareness, encourages motorists to obey traffic laws, and reduces crashes. The Cape Coral Police Department encourages you to drive courteously and reminds you to obey the rules of the road. If you are impaired, please use a designated driver, rideshare app, or taxi to avoid the costly fines of a DUI arrest.