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Stepfather Shoots & Kills Stepson After Heated Argument

(September 8, 2022)- On September 7, 2022, at approximately 10:54 p.m., officers from the Cape Coral Police Department responded to a call for service at 845 SW 17th street, in reference to a shooting in progress where the reporting party called to report that the neighbor had approached them and asked to call 911 after they stated that at that location, a shooting had just occurred. It was alleged that the stepfather had shot his stepson.

Officers arrived at the scene and located Gabriel Fernandez (W/M 02-25-1969, 845 SW 17th Street) in the residence's driveway. Mr. Fernandez was on the phone speaking to Cape Coral Police Dispatch. Mr. Fernandez explained that he had just shot his stepson, later identified as Brian Nicholas McKellop Jr. (W/M 05-17-2002, 845 SW 17th Street). Mr. Fernandez was immediately detained.

Mr. McKellop was located in a residence hallway, responding officers attempted life-saving measures, and Mr. McKellop was transported to Cape Coral Hospital, pronounced deceased. Mr. McKellop sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his chest/back.

Witnesses on the scene reported that after a family argument, Mr. Fernandez, who was intoxicated, became enraged that Mr. McKellop attempted to diffuse the situation by inserting himself into the discussion. Mr. Fernandez then grabbed his handgun and shot Mr. McKellop in the chest and then back as he attempted to flee from the bedroom.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Fernandez admitted to shooting Mr. McKellop. 

Mr. Fernandez was subsequently transported to Lee County Jail.

Mr. Fernandez was charged with the following:

* Homicide F.S.S. 782.04(2).

ARRESTED: Gabriel Fernandez (W/M 02-25-1969, 845 SW 17th Street)
* Homicide F.S.S. 782.04(2).